My Brand

My Brand

My Brand is an international fashion brand, originated from and founded in Amsterdam in 2009. The brand gained a lot of fame by the jump into the return of the ‘ruling logomania’. Still, their brand name and logo are on each garment they produce. Nowadays a new My Brand collection is being launched about every 6 up to 8 weeks!
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MY BRAND My Brand Flowerskull Criminal t-shirt – Black
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My Brand Flowerskull Criminal t-shirt – Black

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Since 2013 My Brand started pointing at family life in total. After the establishment of a clothing line for women in 2009, the put up a men’s line soon after and in the year 2013 a children’s clothing line was a logical next step for My Brand. The company offers very recognizable clothing, first of all by its use of daring color combinations. Also, the use of various, shining little scratch stones and printing the pictures of celebrities on the clothing makes everything they produce remarkable. The collections of My Brand are complete and contain everything necessary for successful dressing yourself and your children. You will find My Brand sweaters, t-shirts, caps, and jackets at Eddy’s Eindhoven.